The EMSYSCON’s PDS02 (Power Delay Switch) let’s you control the power of up to 4 devices.
The firmware of the unit assures perfect control for sequential power ON and Safe power-down procedures.
The optional Inputs make it possible to control the unit via external sensors or switches.
The unit can be controlled externally via the RS232 interface. 

The PDS02 Key Features

• Powered by a Freescale ARM Cortex M0 MPU for extreme low standby power consumption.
• 4 Software Controlled Power Sources
• Small footprint Compact dimensions make the PDS02 easy to install and use inside the vehicle, cockpit or cab.
• Built to withstand the abuses of working in extreme conditions. Both the enclosure and electronic components of the PDS02 have been designed for the extreme temperature ranges as well as humidity and shock, a dependable unit must function completely and flawlessly in the field without any excuses.
• Simple mounting on DIN rail

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