The MG3000 metro gate ticket validator is designed specifically for the use in Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) systems for public transport, e.g. metro stations, ferries, trams, railway, and other transportation means.
The MG3000 supports all major smart cards compliant to ISO 14443 Type A and B standards, Felica, and Vicinity (13.56MHz).
The powerful i.MX6UL (ARM Cortex A9) microprocessor ensures a high-speed transaction processing.

The MG3000 is equipped with the EMV3000 contactless card reader, which is EMV L1 compliant, EMV L2 compliant for Mastercard, Visa, and American Express, and PCI PTS POI 5.1 compliant.
2/4 SAM card slots for holding payment SAM cards ensure the security and integrity of the transactions.
For user ergonomics, the MV3000 is equipped with a 640x480 high-resolution VGA 5.7” graphic TFT display.
A generous number of interface options allows to connect the MG3000 to practically any gate.

The MG3000 Key Features
Cortex A9 CPU (i.MX6UL by NXP)
Support for Linux and Android operating systems
17 Inputs, 9 outputs
2 USB ports
Up to 4 SAM card slots
I2S Audio codec
5.7” 640x480 graphic TFT display
EMV3000 contactless card reader
Compact dimensions to ease installation 

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