The Emsyscon EMV3000 is a compact NFC contactless smart card reader.

The EMV3000 is designed specifically for public transport Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) systems, but can be widely used in unattended devices like vending machines, parking meters, toll gates and more.
The EMV3000 supports all major smart cards compliant to ISO14443 Type A & B and Mifare standard.

EMV3000 Key Features:
• Contactless smart card reader 13.56 MHz NFC.
• 1 SAM card slot.
• EMV Level 1, Visa, MasterCard and Amex Level 2, PCI PTS POI v5.x compliant.
• Interface via USB or TTL UART.
• Integrated 4 LEDs and 1 beeper.
• Possibility to drive external LEDs and beeper.
• Tamper-proof hardware design.
• Compact dimensions make the EMV3000 easy to install.


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