The DMT2000-MX6 is powered by Emsyscon’s ESC-MX6 System on Module (SOM).
The heart of this module is a powerful Arm Cortex A9 running at 1.0 GHz.
Without a doubt the durable DMT2000 is a very reliable mobile data solution that can be used in applications such as Military, Fisheries, Mining, Police, Fire, Public and Private Transportation.

Emsyscon’s reputation and track record with the new DMT2000’s working in the field speak volumes for a new product. This is all due to the fact that the designers and engineers at Emsyscon have been designing and building industrial grade heavy duty data terminals that outshine and outperform the competition, and that function in the harshest of environments and conditions, while never letting the task at hand down.

The DMT2000-MX6 Key Features

Proven reliability
EMSYSCON's reputation for designing and building endurance rated
industrial Data Terminals is evident with the new DMT2000.
Small footprint
Compact dimensions make the DMT2000 easy to install and use inside
the vehicle, cockpit or cab.
Built to withstand the tough vehicle environment
Both the enclosure and electronic components of the DMT2000
have been designed for the extreme temperature ranges as well as
humidity and jolts a dependable unit must function completely in
without any excuses.
Operator Ergonomics
The high resolution Color TFT Display, the resistive
or capacitive touch-screen, all contribute to
user comfort when operating the DMT2000.


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