The Emsyscon BT3000 Bluetooth Communication Controller is designed specifically for the use in public transport, e.g. buses, ferries, trams, railway and other transportation means.
The BT3000 can communicate with the “main driver console” and translate commands from this console to other devices, such as SATEL short distance modem, Gorba line films, etc...
An integrated 5 port ethernet switch makes it possible to communicate with other ethernet connected devices like Validators. 

BT3000 Key Features

• Cortex M4 CPU (STM32)
• Internal fully-certified class 2 Bluetooth 2.1 interface
• Compact dimensions make the BT3000 easy to install
• Integrated Ethernet switch
• 2 RS232 for communications with external devices
• Wide input power 9-36V

Built to withstand the abuses of working in extreme conditions. Both the enclosure and electronic components of the BT3000 have been designed for the extreme temperature ranges as well as humidity and shock, a dependable unit must function completely and flawlessly in the field without any excuses. 


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